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Support for FreshBooks and Xero Accounting

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Vesigo Studios is proud to announce the release of two new extensions: the OnTime FreshBooks Extension and the OnTime Xero Extension. These extensions join our lineup of account software extensions, including QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online. With these new FreshBooks and Xero extensions, you can easily transfer customers, invoices, and received payments from an OnTime account to a FreshBooks or Xero account.

Just as our QuickBooks Online extension is available at no additional charge, these new FreshBooks and Xero extensions are made available to our customers for FREE.

Follow these steps to access the FreshBooks or Xero extensions within OnTime Management Suite:

  1. Open the Tools tab in OnTime Management Suite
  2. Click the button labeled Find Extensions
  3. Click the link labeled Xero Extension or FreshBooks extension. This will prompt a download of a file named Xero.otex or FreshBooks.otex
  4. Return to the Tools tab in OnTime Management Suite
  5. Click the button labeled Install Extension. When prompted, select and open the file downloaded in the preceding steps

Once the extension has been installed, you may post to FreshBooks or Xero. This can be done by navigating to the Invoices or Payments lists in the Billing area. Select an invoice or payment, right-click, and choose Post to FreshBooks or Post to Xero.

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  • Lincoln Hellard

    1/22/2020 9:09:20 AM | Reply

    Hi all
    Are you in the future going to develop an extension for Sage Accounting?


    • JTilley

      1/22/2020 11:32:09 AM | Reply


      While we do not speculate on future development here, we encourage you to contact and discuss this with OnTime Customer Support.

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