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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about OnTime Courier Software

This page includes some of the commonly asked questions about OnTime. If your question is not addressed specifically below, please contact us via one of the resources available here.

International Support

Will OnTime work outside of the United States?

Yes. OnTime has been designed to work internationally. In real world tests, OnTime has been deployed and tested in most countries across the globe. Because mapping is based on data from Microsoft and Google, you may see some variation in the accuracy of mapping. These variations will depend on how well Microsoft and Google support your region. More information is available on the international courier software support page.

Will OnTime work with and use my country's currency?

Yes. OnTime works with all major currencies.

Will OnTime use my location's date and time format?

Yes. Virtually all date and time formats are supported.

Will OnTime display in my local language?

It can. OnTime is currently only available in US English; however, the program can contain data in any language and is fully Unicode compliant. This compliancy means that you can enter your data in any language you desire.

Mobile Devices

What type of carriers are supported by OnTime?

OnTime has been engineered to work with the data networks of all cellular carriers, including GSM, Edge, EVO, and CDMA. These types of networks are offered by companies such as Sprint, Verizon, t-Mobile, and AT&T.

Do I need a special or specific mobile carrier?

No. OnTime's technology allows users to access the same features across any mobile cell carrier with 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE service.

Do I need to purchase specialized mobile hardware for OnTime?

No. OnTime is compatible with thousands of existing mobile devices and will likely work with many of the devices you already own. OnTime also offers the option of using consumer grade devices that are cheap and easy to replace. OnTime will, of course, work as well with professional, commercial grade hardware.

Which mobile phones are supported?

Virtually any mobile device is supported by OnTime, but the best experience is on either a tablet device or a smartphone. These devices generally include a touch screen and GPS receiver, allowing OnTime to capture signatures and provide simplified navigation to drivers.

Smartphones specifically supported include devices running the following operating systems: Blackberry OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, classic Windows Mobile, and webOS. Click here for instructions regarding the installation of OnTime on different smartphones.

Which versions of Windows Mobile are supported?

OnTime will work with devices running Windows Mobile 2003, 5, and 6 devices. For more information see this page.

Does OnTime support the use of pagers to communicate with drivers?

Yes. OnTime is designed to work with your current technology and supports a wide range of mobile devices. OnTime Mobile is capable of scaling down to basic cell phones and pagers. One-way pagers are supported through OnTime's text messaging platform.

Your Way of Doing Business

I have a unique method of pricing orders for my customers. Will OnTime support the way I structure my pricing?

Yes. OnTime offers the most flexible and powerful pricing engine in the industry. Our customers have always been able to integrate their pricing structure into OnTime. Zone-to-zone and distance based pricing are supported across the baseline. Literally millions of combinations of pricing models have been created by customers in OnTime. If you have any concerns about OnTime and your pricing structure, please feel free to contact us for a discussion.

Can printable reports, such as invoices and shipping labels, be customized to fit my needs?

Yes. OnTime offers a built-in report designer that gives you complete control over the design of any report. This customization simplifies the process of adding your logo, changing the layout, and adding more information to these reports.

Can I import my information into OnTime?

Yes. OnTime can quickly and easily import bulk information, such as customers, locations, order, and zones from Excel and CSV files.

Does OnTime work with QuickBooks?

Yes. OnTime provides comprehensive, direct integration with QuickBooks desktop software. Communication between OnTime and QuickBooks requires QuickBooks Professional version 2002 or later. QuickBooks Online is also supported.

Can I try the system before subscribing to a plan?

Yes. The OnTime Trial version offers you full and free access our system. Once you sign up, anything that you've setup during the trial can be used with your new account. Get your trial now.


Why should I use a hosted service? Isn't it better to have the system on my own server?

Unpredictable IT costs place a risky burden on your business. OnTime gives you predictable, consistent monthly IT expenses. We eliminate the costs of upgrades and monitor, patch, and assist with operations of your infrastructure.

OnTime offers the flexibility to choose from scalable options that grow with your business. You will never pay for more than you use. This structure allows you to redirect IT resources, reduce unanticipated support costs, and plan your expenses accurately.

For a complete cost analysis, use our immediate cost savings analysis tool to get an estimate on your savings. You may be surprised by how much we can reduce your current IT spending.

Can I host OnTime on my own server?

Yes. OnTime is available in a version that can be operated from your own server, giving you 100% control. Prices for this version range from 3 to 7 times higher than our cloud-based version. Learn more about our on-premises version or our managed and dedicated server version.

Can I use an answering service or call center with OnTime?

Yes. Contact your answering service company and have them download a copy of OnTime Dispatch. The download is free of charge. After installing the program, and after you have set them up as a user with dispatch permissions under your account, the answering service personnel will be able to log in and dispatch orders.

If I lose my connection to the Internet will I still be able to use OnTime?

Yes. Many of the OnTime applications, including all of the desktop versions, can operate without an internet connection. When the internet connection becomes active again, dispatchers can submit outstanding orders and changes.

Can I run OnTime on a Mac?

Although Ontime has been designed to run on Windows, the programs may be installed on a Mac using virtualization tools. Additional software fees for the virtualization software and operating system may apply.

Can I get information about the OnTime API?

Yes. The OnTime API is available as part of the OnTime Customer Web Portal, included with Enterprise and higher subscription plans. Learn more about the OnTime API. Full developer resources are available here:

Technical Support

Will I be charged for technical support?

No. As a hosted service, basic technical support for all OnTime products and services is included in the cost of the monthly service fee. This support includes assistance with setup, normal use, and mobile device configuration. Your support will not expire or become unavailable while you have an active OnTime hosted account.

Unlimited phone and email support is available with all plans. There are no extra fees or contracts for technical support.

What are the hours of technical support?

We are available at all times in case of a system down emergency. Regular phone support hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Emergency email support is available outside of those hours.

Is your technical support outsourced?

No. All technical support is performed by in-house representatives based in Oregon, USA, with expert knowledge and experience with OnTime.


Does the use of OnTime require a mandatory long-term contract?

No. OnTime is provided as a month-to-month service. Some setup discounts may be available if you make a 12-month commitment; however, this commitment is completely optional.

What is a user?

A user is "any employee, independent contractor, agent, or partner who logs in to your OnTime account via one of the OnTime applications." Learn more about who or what is considered a user.

Are there any hidden fees when using OnTime?

No. Accounts with users beyond the allocated amount will accrue the only additional charge that may be applied to an account. Otherwise, you can expect the same cost every month.

What methods of payment are accepted for OnTime accounts?

We accept credit and debit cards with the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover logos. PayPal is also accepted. Checks and money orders originating within the United States may be accepted for annual payments. Learn more about OnTime billing.


It's EASY to be loyal to OnTime! The ability to start small and add OnTime services and modules as our company grows is priceless! Looking forward to our next "jump".

Murray Freeman | Crossroads Express, LLC