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OnTime Mobile v3 Delivers Improved Accuracy and Productivity

We’re excited to release a new version of OnTime Mobile, our app for couriers and delivery drivers. In this release, we’ve added features highly requested by our customers. Couriers will be excited to see the new features that help them be more productive. Carriers will be eager to see the new features designed to prevent misdeliveries.

This is a free update available to any courier using OnTime and can be found within the App Store or Google Play.

More Maps, Faster Navigation

New navigation options let you move quickly from stop to stop. Simply swipe right on an order or a stop to get immediate turn by turn directions using your preferred mapping program.

Courier software swipe to navigate, pick up, and deliver.

This version makes it easy to set the mapping provider of your choice. Choose from Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze.

Waze navigation in courier software

In regions where street addresses are inconsistent, OnTime now supports setting the navigation source to favor geographic coordinates set on location records ahead of time. This allows precise navigation and mapping even when the street address is unavailable. OnTime administrators can adjust this setting on a per-user basis.

Driver navigation to street address or coordinates

Features to Improve Focus

OnTime Mobile helps increase productivity throughout the day by allowing drivers to remain focused on the task at hand. A new filter can simplify the items list shown. Tap the filter icon across the top to display all orders, today’s orders, or unread orders.

Courier app with order filter

Push notifications immediately notify drivers of changes in assignments and make it easy to reference the affected order.

Courier software push notifications

A new read status on orders makes it easy to see new assignments and let dispatch know drivers have seen the assignment. Toggle the read status of an order, and dispatch will see those changes immediately.

Mark assignments as read and unread

Unread orders will appear in the order list as colorized light blue, making it easier to identify new orders.

Unread driver shipments

iPhone users will see badges on the app icon, calling attention to new, unread orders that have been assigned to the courier. Badges can be hidden within iOS notification settings.

Unread orders badge in OnTime Mobile for couriers

Don’t lose your spot. Keep the screen on while viewing orders. On newer devices, this will also keep synchronization and GPS transmission regular and active.

Focus on driver assignments and jobs

Require Accuracy

If avoiding the misdelivery of a shipment is essential to your business, the following features will be of particular interest.

Proximity Validation

Proximity validation helps avoid misdeliveries by checking the driver’s current location against the location they are attempting to collect from or deliver to. If a driver is not close enough to the proper location, carriers can prevent them from collecting or delivering to the wrong address.

Proximity checks to avoid misdelivery

This is configured on a per-user basis to require that the driver is at the proper location or simply warn them.

Proximity check for couriers

Set the proximity radius in meters to control how close drivers need to be to the location they are collecting from or delivering to. The default is 400 meters or about 1/4 mile. The minimum distance is 30 meters or about 100 feet.

Set acceptable proximity for collections and deliveries

Barcode Validation

If barcode scanning is a part of your collection and delivery routine, barcode validation ensures that proper packages are delivered by requiring a valid barcode scan.

Courier barcode verification

This is configured on a per-user basis to require that the driver scans the proper barcode before marking an order as collected or delivered.

Require barcode validation on deliveries

POD Requirements

There is now added control over the contact name requirement when marking an order as collected or delivered.

Courier POD contact name

This is configured on a per-user basis.

Require POD contact name on pick up or delivery

More New Features That Make OnTime Mobile Better than Ever

  • Colorized icons to make the status of an order easier to see.
  • The order details view now shows a list of the items contained within the order.
  • Performance optimizations to make the app faster to use.
  • Improvements to security, reliability, and resource utilization.
  • Optimizations to extend battery life.
  • Bug fixes to make the app more reliable.

If you haven't already, download and try OnTime Mobile today. If your company has any questions about using these new features, contact us. We will be happy to discuss the details with you.

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  • Mohamed Salah Al-Din

    12/30/2020 5:44:17 AM |

    I had the pleasure to be one of early OnTime360 customers few years back. And it was after a deep investigation and comparison between other delivery applications

    I have to say that we were impressed with the rate of improvements on daily bases and the list of features given by the platform.

    For a guy coming from software development background i have to say your application give the most flexible and updated platform that fits any requirements we have.

    • Vesigo Studios

      12/31/2020 2:40:21 PM |

      Thank you for the kind remarks! We work hard to improve OnTime each and every month, giving our customers more tools to succeed. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you once again.

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