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Rebuilding Your OnTime Data File on Windows Mobile

Sometimes, when new features are implemented or synchronization issues arise within OnTime Mobile for Windows Mobile, rebuilding the associated data file is necessary.

Note: A stable and reliable internet connection is required to perform this operation. We do not suggest performing the following steps if there is a possibility that you will lose internet connectivity.

How to rebuild your data file in OnTime Mobile for Windows Mobile

  1. Open OnTime Mobile and sign in.
  2. Wait at the home screen for the initial synchronization to complete.
  3. Click on the Tools menu and choose Options.
  4. Select the Database tab.
  5. Click the Repair Database button.
  6. If the repair is successful, a message will appear indicating success and that the application is synchronizing with the server. Dismiss the message and tap Cancel to close the Options screen.
  7. Wait for the synchronization process to complete before using the application.
  8. Once synchronization is completed, resume using the program.

If the steps outlined above do not work as desired, try performing a soft reset on your device and repeating the process. If you still are not satisfied with the results, contact our technical support team for assistance.

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