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Vesigo Studios Releases New Customer Web Portal Software for Couriers

Vesigo Studios, provider of OnTime courier software, has released new features and enhancements for the OnTime Customer Web Portal. This update underscores the company’s commitment to providing couriers with the tools they need to maximize efficiency while satisfying their customers.

New customization options have been included in the OnTime Customer Web Portal. OnTime users may now choose to make basic or more advanced changes to their Customer Web Portal. Basic customizations include changes to the title, the addition of a tagline, and a custom logo or graphic in each page’s header. Advanced customization replaces the need for FTP access to the Web Portal’s Master Page and CSS files by allowing for direct editing of these files.

Another addition allows invoices to now be viewed by customers via the OnTime Customer Web Portal. This feature is optional and can be turned on or off by OnTime administrative users. Invoices may be marked individually as available for customers to see online. The format and appearance of these invoices can be customized by uploading a standard and simplified invoice template to the OnTime Customer Web Portal.

In this update, the OnTime Customer Web Portal has been re-designed to be fully HTML 5 compliant and responsive for superior compatibility and performance on newer computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Additional API methods have been included with the enhancements to the OnTime Customer Web Portal. The OnTime API has been expanded to nearly double its previous size. The API documentation has been updated for reference.

“Simpler methods of customization and the ability to display invoices in the OnTime Customer Web Portal were common customer requests and we are excited to deliver both of these to our customers. I am excited to see opportunities like this where we can add features that enhance the customer service experience transportation companies can offer their clients,” says Jeremiah Tilley, Principal Software Architect at Vesigo Studios.

OnTime recognizes that its customers need to focus on their business without sacrificing the quality, efficiency, or security of its courier software. That’s why OnTime is regularly updated with additional features and enhancements. Find out more about OnTime courier software and the OnTime Customer Web Portal at ontime360.com.

About Vesigo Studios

Vesigo Studios, provider of OnTime courier software, is a software development studio with a proven track record of building successful business solutions for our clients, both large and small. Established in 2000, Vesigo offers years of software development and internet solutions experience. Vesigo always keeps pace with new technologies, creating solutions that boost productivity and make fiscal sense for our clients. For more information, visit ontime360.com.

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