How to Clock In a Driver from an OnTime Desktop Application

In the event that a driver is unable to use their mobile device to clock in using the OnTime Mobile app, it may be necessary to clock in for them if your company is using OnTime to track the driver’s working hours. You may use OnTime Management Suite or OnTime Dispatch to clock in a driver by following these steps:
  1. Go to the Web Portal view located at the bottom of the left navigation pane in both of the OnTime desktop applications.
  2. You should see the OnTime Mobile Web login screen. If not, then look to the upper left corner of the program and make sure that the Current View is set to: Mobile Web.
  3. Enter the driver’s username and password, then click the Sign in button.
  4. Click the button labeled Clock In.
  5. If Vehicles are used as part of your OnTime configuration, then select the driver’s current vehicle from the Vehicles drop-down list, enter the currently known odometer reading, and click the Clock In button to complete the clock in procedure for the driver.
Note: Administrators may also create time clock sessions for users that forget to clock in. See: How to Create Missing Time Clock Sessions.