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Provide Improved Online Customer Service with OnTime

Improve your customer service and satisfaction with OnTime's tools, such as the OnTime Customer Web Portal. Your company can make these improvements while saving time and resources by allowing customers to use your Customer Web Portal from any web browser.

From the OnTime Customer Web Portal, your customers can submit their own orders into your OnTime account. Real-time information about their orders, such as status, assigned driver, delivery time, recipient signature, and more can be viewed from the Web Portal’s tracking screen. Order histories can be found here, as well.

Customers may also generate their own shipping labels and other reports from your Web Portal. These reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or printed, as desired.

A personal address book is available to each of your customers from the OnTime Customer Web Portal. Each customer will only see the addresses that are associated with their account. Your dispatchers will be able to use OnTime Dispatch to view all addresses, for quick and easy order entry. Bulk addresses may be imported by your customers for quick address book population.

If your customers ever need assistance with your Customer Web Portal, we offer a user guide that will help them understand and use the tools provided.

Your OnTime Customer Web Portal, can be embedded into your company website and customized to match your brand and aesthetic, enhancing your customers’ online experience. The OnTime Customer Web Portal is included with Enterprise subscription plans and higher. Sign up for a trial account to test the Web Portal and its features now.

How to Choose the Right Courier Software for Your Company

If you are considering purchasing courier software, you are likely looking for help to automate and improve your business. Choosing the wrong courier software could cost your company more time and money. Depending on how your business operates, different features, applications, and functions will need to be considered to make the best courier software choice for you. Be sure to consider each of the factors below before making a purchase.


The courier software that you purchase must be available and functional in your region. Additionally, if your business operates in areas with inconsistent internet connections, the software that you choose should have the ability to work online and offline.

Customer Support

Software with a knowledgeable and experienced customer support staff will help you to setup and use your account quickly and easily. Find out what level of customer support your courier software provides to be sure that you will have the assistance that you need.


The tools that your software offers to your employees and customers should be customizable to fit with your business’s operations and brand. Some software will allow you to change the appearance and style of reports, customer tools, and more.

If your company operates in a different area than your courier software, you will want to check that currency, time zones, and measurements will be adjusted for your region.

Who will need access to your account?

The number of users and the type of users that will be accessing your account will affect your courier software choice. Be sure that the software that you choose can handle your company size and offers individual tools for your administrators, drivers, and dispatchers. Interdepartmental communications should be facilitated by your software, as well.


Start-up costs and monthly costs should be considered when purchasing your courier software. Check that all the features and functions that you require are available at a price that suits you.


Your company and customer information must be stored securely by your software provider. Find out how your courier software stores this information and be sure to check the software’s security history before purchasing.

Level of Technology

The courier software that you choose must keep up-to-date with the latest technologies available. At the same time, the software should not require you to make new hardware purchases to keep your company up-to-date with the level of technology.

Compare OnTime’s applications, features, functionality, and cost with other courier software before you make your purchase.

Customizing the Billing Email Template

Your Billing Email Template is sent as the message for your emailed invoices, unbilled orders, and billing cycles. Special fields, which act as placeholders for information, can be included in both the subject line and the body of your Billing Email Template.

Invoice numbers can be included in your template as a special field, as well. When you are sending unbilled orders or billing cycles and no Invoice Number is found, that special field will be return blank and nothing will be input into the message.

The file naming format for your Billing Email Template’s attached files has been adjusted to be more logical. To find your Billing Email Template, navigate to General Options and click on Billing in OnTime Management Suite.

Courier software invoice template

Print and Send Reports in Bulk

Reports can be generated in bulk, in addition to individually. This is another example of an enhancement has been made at our users’ request.

From the Billing area, multiple invoices can be faxed, emailed, or printed by simply selecting the invoices, right-clicking, and choosing the desired action. When you are printing multiple invoices, you will select the printer for the first invoice, and the rest will be sent to the same printer. To ensure security, sending multiple invoices will require that you confirm the recipient for each invoice.

From the Tracking area in both OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch, reports can also be printed in bulk. These reports include Shipping Labels, Waybills, Work Sheets, and Bills of Lading.

To print reports for multiple orders, select the desired orders, right-click, go to Reports, and choose the Print to option for the report type that you wish to print. In this update, the printing options in the Tracking area have been improved to allow you to select your desired printer at this point, as well.

Courier software bulk reports

OnTime Introductory Course and Setup Checklist

OnTime’s software and services are always evolving based on the needs of our users. We have released new tools for OnTime users to help speed introduction and setup processes. OnTime Introductory Courses and an OnTime Setup Checklist are now available to help you quickly work through your setup process.

Dispatching software setup checklist

OnTime Introductory Courses are available to new OnTime subscribers. These courses have been tailored to introduce your subscription plan’s applications, features, and functionality. Each plan has a different Introductory Course Video available, based on what is important and available to users of that subscription level. You will find your OnTime Introductory Course link with your account information in the Welcome email sent to you after signup. 

Courier dispatch software setup checklist

The OnTime Setup Checklist has been created to help new users work through the account setup chapter of the OnTime User Guide. The list has been designed to help you to determine which steps you need to complete to make your account work for you, and will help you to ensure that each of those steps is completed. References to page numbers have been included to help you locate each step quickly and easily. The OnTime Setup Checklist is available to view and download from the User Guide page on our website.

To get started with your own OnTime account, sign up for a trial or subscribed account today. If you have any further questions regarding setup, let us know.

6 Tips for Faster and More Accurate Order Entry

The speed of your order entry impacts your delivery business’ overall efficiency. If an order is entered quickly, but incorrectly, the time that it takes to make those changes will likely negate the speed of order entry. To optimize your company's efficiency, you must have a fast and accurate order entry process.

Below are six tips to help improve the speed and accuracy of your order entry process.

Dispatch software order entry

1. Know Your Order Entry Interface

Your ability to enter orders accurately and efficiently will depend on how well you know how to use the order entry interface. The more familiar that you become with the interface, the more intuitive that order entry will become.

Practice using your interface to be sure that you fully understand how it works. With many interfaces, you will be able to use keyboard shortcuts and other features to minimize your keystrokes when entering orders. Thoroughly test and explore your interface to discover how you can maximize your speed.

2. Think Ahead

Will the order that you are entering need to be tracked? How will the customer be billed for the order? What kind of reports will need to be generated? Everything that can happen to the order in the future can be prepared for during order entry.

The information that you input will likely be useful to your customers and other parts of your company. Be sure to keep track of all order information and communicate with other levels of your company to ensure that orders are entered, tracked, delivered, and billed properly.

Courier software, such as OnTime, can help you to ensure that information is generated and available as your company and customers require. Invoicing, tracking, and other features can be accessed through multiple programs. With OnTime, most of your preparations can be made ahead of time.

3. Be Flexible

Orders may have special circumstances, or may require unexpected changes. For example, you may need to setup orders ahead of time, on offset schedules, or with unique information fields. If an order that you are entering has complex circumstances, you must be equipped to place the order and move forward, without lapses in accuracy or speed.

Be sure that you know exactly how to handle any special order circumstances that your company may encounter. Know your company’s policy, understand your customer’s desires, and follow the other tips posted here to prepare for any possible scenario.

If the system that you are currently using to enter orders is impeding your ability to be flexible, consider using OnTime or another courier software. Save orders for the future, generate price quotations, and adjust for virtually every special circumstance by utilizing the features available.

4. Ensure Accurate Pricing

If you prepare an order with inaccurate pricing, corrections will need to be made and issues may arise. Because those corrections will take up time and company resources, inaccurate pricing will often have a negative impact on your company’s efficiency. Pricing accuracy will also allow you to offer customers the correct prices for quotations and totals.

During order entry, always consider the accuracy of an order’s price before you submit that order. Be sure to check that you are using the right pricing scenario and calculations for each order.

With software such as OnTime, prepare accurate pricing by setting up your pricing scenarios and calculations ahead of time. These scenarios and calculations should be associated with the appropriate customers to guarantee accuracy during order entry.

5. Check for Accurate Information

As with pricing, if the wrong order information is entered, corrections will need to be made. The time that it will take to make these corrections will adversely affect your company’s overall efficiency. Along with accurate pricing scenarios for that order, you will need to guarantee the correct customer, delivery location, pickup location, and more.

Be sure to check all customer, location, and other order information before you submit the order. If you are using previously setup records in courier software, the information will likely be accurate. If new information must be input into your system during order entry, check that everything is entered correctly.

6. Account for Driver Location

Know where your drivers are and where they will be, so that you can give them order assignments that make sense geographically. Keep in contact with your drivers so that you can check with them about their location and other factors, as needed.

Dispatcher and driver communication can benefit from the possibilities afforded by mobile devices and applications. OnTime Mobile works with OnTime Dispatch to relay driver information to dispatchers and to keep your drivers and dispatchers communicating.

8 New OnTime Tutorial Videos

We have added eight new video tutorials to our Support section. These videos make up four new sections of the tutorial video area: Installation, Reporting, API, and General.

OnTime delivery software video tutorials


Installing OnTime Applications for the First Time

Watch this video to learn how to download and install each OnTime application on the appropriate device.

Installing Updates

OnTime applications are always kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and user needs. This video will walk you through the process of updating your applications when new updates are available.


How to Modify Reports

This video will help you to better understand your reports in OnTime, and to learn how to customize those reports.

Generating a Report Database

This video shows how to generate report databases, which is necessary to create custom reports.


OnTime API Integration in Just 5 minutes

This video will introduce you to the OnTime API, and show you how to make use of it, in 5 minutes. If you wish to connect your OnTime account with third party software, this guide should be among your first resources.

Working with the OnTime API using Visual Studio

This video will help you to plan and execute your desired actions when using Microsoft’s Visual Studio with the OnTime API.


Importing Data

The Import Data feature allows you to input large amounts of information into your OnTime account, automatically. Many users find this feature quite helpful and make frequent use of it. This video will help you understand how to import your data quickly.

Changing your OnTime Subscription Plan

If you ever wish to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, you can follow the simple steps in this video to do so.

We’d like to hear from you

Are there other OnTime tutorials that you would like to see? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact our team.

Improve Driver and Dispatcher Collaboration with OnTime

Your dispatchers and drivers can communicate better with one another and achieve better organization by using the OnTime Dispatch and OnTime Mobile applications. These applications work together to enable drivers and dispatchers to assign and deliver orders more efficiently. Tools such as user tracking, the unassigned queue, and messaging can help to facilitate better organization and communication in your company.

From within the OnTime Dispatch program, a range of driver information is available to help make quick and appropriate driver assignments. Your drivers’ last location can be viewed on a map, which is updated every 60 to 90 seconds. If your drivers do not have GPS-enabled mobile devices, their last location is also available from the Driver List.

Courier dispatch software driver list

Your drivers’ online or offline status will also be shown. A manager can setup occupied zones from OnTime Management Suite, which will allow dispatchers to reference drivers’ expected locations for the best assignments, any time.

Once an order assignment has been made by your dispatcher, the assigned driver can accept the order and view its' details from OnTime Mobile. Information about unassigned orders, current orders, order assignments, and more is available to your drivers from the mobile app, helping them to prepare for, collect, and make deliveries quickly.

If the appropriate notifications have been setup in OnTime Management Suite, your driver may receive an alert when they are assigned a new order. Dispatchers can also send one-time messages to drivers, informing them of order submission, updates with orders, or any other necessary information. These messages can be sent by SMS or email by right-clicking on the driver who should be messaged in the Driver List.

You can test OnTime Dispatch and OnTime Mobile with our 14 day trial version. If you are already an OnTime subscriber, you can download the applications here. Each user of your OnTime account may download and install the applications on every device that they use.

Customer Order Entry and Tracking in the OnTime Customer Web Portal

OnTime provides an array of customer service tools, including the customizable OnTime Customer Web Portal. You may place a log in form directly on your website, or post a link, to give your customers access to order entry, price quoting, real-time tracking, and other tools. OnTime and the Customer Web Portal are always updating and adding new features, so you can be sure that you are always providing the best online customer service.

Courier dispatch software customer portal

Order Entry

The OnTime Customer Web Portal gives your customers the ability to create their own orders, at any time and from anywhere. They can enter an order’s information to submit the order into your system, or to simply generate a quick price quote.

When entering an order into OnTime via the Customer Web Portal, your customers will be able to enter locations, as well. A personal address book will be available to each customer, containing the locations that they use. These locations will also be available to your dispatchers for quick order entry.


Customers can track their current orders and view past orders from the Tracking section of the OnTime Customer Web Portal. Tracking information, such as assigned driver or recipient signature, can be viewed from here.

The tracking section will display order information in real-time, so your customers can find out where in the shipping process their order is at any time, without needing to contact you.

And more

Other features, such as report generation, are available to your customers with your OnTime Customer Web Portal. For more information, see the customer feature list.

For customers that would like a user guide for the portal, we have prepared the OnTime Customer Web Portal User Guide. Freely distribute this document to your customers so that they can take full advantage of your portal.

The Customer Web Portal is included with OnTime Enterprise accounts. To test the portals’ functions and features, sign up for a 14 day OnTime Trial.

OnTime Subscription Plan Comparison

OnTime courier software is available on a subscription basis with no contracts or long term commitments required. We have designed our four subscription plans to scale to fit with and to meet the needs of most delivery businesses.

Every plan comes equipped with our 30-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Compare the plans’ features in list form here.

OnTime courier software Basic subscription plan

The OnTime Basic plan has been designed to keep costs minimal, while providing you with a variety of integral features that will improve your company’s efficiency and management. You also receive unlimited technical support from our expert team via email and full access to our extensive support library.

Dispatching, order entry, messaging, pricing, and tracking features are all available to you and your dispatchers with a Basic subscription. The WAP OnTime Mobile application will empower your drivers to connect with the rest of your company, encouraging them to improve internal communications.

The Basic plan is recommended for smaller or start-up companies that require courier software functions and features on a day-to-day basis.

OnTime courier software Standard subscription plan

The Standard plan includes all of the Basic plans’ features, applications, and services. Your Standard subscription also includes more OnTime Mobile applications and features, as well as the addition of unlimited telephone support from our Customer Support team.

The Standard plan is recommended for companies that require drivers to complete numerous and varied tasks daily, while maintaining communication with other staff members.

OnTime courier software Professional subscription plan

The Professional plan includes everything that the Standard plan accesses, plus more employee time tracking options and route features. The Professional plan also comes equipped with QuickBooks integration, which offers you several complex invoicing options.

The Professional plan is recommended for companies that require detailed company records and prefer quick, easy access to that information.

OnTime courier software Enterprise subscription plan

The Enterprise subscription plan is equipped with the Professional plan’s features and functions. The Enterprise plan also includes vehicle management, report authoring, and data mining features. The OnTime Customer Web Portal and the OnTime API ( based on SOAP based XML Web Services) come with the Enterprise plan, as well.

The Enterprise plan is recommended for businesses that require advanced courier software features and extensive company records. Enterprise subscribers often wish to provide high quality, automated customer service tools to their customers.