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OnTime Version 4 Now Available

Vesigo Studios is proud to release the fourth major version of OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch. The last major version (3) alone saw over 180 releases, each adding to the software. This new major version includes significant new features. Here’s a sampling of what’s included: A more secu... [More]

Future of the Courier Industry: Customer Expectations

In our fourth and final post about the future of the courier industry we look at growing customer expectations. See our previous posts about e-commerce and m-commerce growth, increased competition in last mile service, and new methods and experimentation. Some delivery options, such as sameday deliv... [More]

Why OnTime is the Best Choice for Medical Couriers

Healthcare couriers should uphold the same high standards as the industry that they serve. OnTime 360 helps you to improve your communication, customization, and scheduling. These factors majorly impact your ability to satisfy customers in the medical industry. OnTime 360’s security and features wil... [More]