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Extend Route Stops Across Multiple Days

Starting with the release of version 2.3.301, route stops that span multiple days may be created within OnTime. In previous versions, OnTime allowed the pickup and delivery times for a route stop to be set, but because only times could be set, there was no way to set the number of days involved.

OnTime now offers the ability to set the number of days that a route stop should span. This flexible approach allows OnTime to calculate the amount of time between the latest pickup time and the latest delivery time, including the number of days. To continue using routes stops that are same-day, enter a zero in the days box. This value indicates that no days should elapse between the pickup and delivery times. To have one or more days elapse between the pickup and delivery times, enter that number of day(s) in the days box.

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Regular updates to the OnTime suite of programs continuously feed our users' demand for features that improve the efficiency of everyday tasks. We continue to implement features that allow carriers to take on different types of assignments, which helps to diversify the potential range of work. For some time, we have received requests to start posting information about these new features, ensuring that they are not missed. We will also take time to describe already existent features between releases.

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